Exoskeletons Today

Today’s major players producing commercial Exoskeletons are 3 companies:

 ReWalk Program / Exoskeleton by Israelis Argos Medical Technology

This Exoskeleton can be purchased directly from
manufacturer and can help paraplegics to walk even
up and down stairs and battery pack will be good up to 8 hours.

Price is per custom arrangements and can be around $ 75,000

Cyberdyne  Hal Robotic Suit

This suit was created by Japanese Prof. Sankai in 2004 and already have been used by Japanese Rehab centers.  Suit in several different versions can be rented (only in few Japan major centers), but major disadvantage is design that is constructed according to body size of average Japanese person and larger size of Caucasian man / women usually require stronger, more powerful suit.

Ekso &  Berkeley Bionics ELegs

First developed as part of Military program of Berkeley University from 2005 and later established as separate Rehab program with launch of self supporting Elegs designed to help Rehabilitation of Paraplegics.

Price tag around $ 100.000 .
Still in development.

For future of Exoskeleton see post on my Blog: Death of Wheelchair or
Graphene as Future of Exoskeleton suites.

Also see an excellent article published in Discovery Magazine (see below):

Excerpt from this article published in Discovery Magazine:

Exoskeletons Will Be the Eyeglasses of the 21st Century

…..A fully functional exoskeleton, manipulated through connections to the patient’s motor and somatosensory cortices.
“The ultimate goal,” [neurophysiologist Miguel] Nicolelis says, “is to build a robotic vest for the whole body. Just as in this study, a person’s brain activity will control movement of the limbs, and get sensory feedback from the external world.”This kind of technology could revolutionize the way para- and quadriplegics live their lives.

According to Nicolelis, if and when a brain-controlled exoskeleton becomes commonplace, spinal cord injuries will be a different animal altogether.

Doctors would theoretically use this kind of technology to treat patients immediately after a spinal cord lesion, so that living in a wheelchair could be a thing of the past.

More about Exoskeletons in this Blog:



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