Bridge over troubled water

The latest months revealed several major breakthroughs in handling, growing and controlling stem cells. Universities or Major hospital centres in Japan, China, India, Egypt, England, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Canada and few other countries announced or about to announce human trial with all different or sometime similar approach to treatment of spinal cord injury or some Central Nervus Sysiem disorders.

The most important one  is ongoing Human Trial  for Chronic Spinal cord Injury based on tissue matched Umbilical Cord Blood Mononuclear Cells (UCBMC) and Lithium injections  in China and USA  created by Dr. Wise Young[1] and his team.

Very important component of this trial is vigorous physio treatment.after received stem cells injection.  All patients are with complete injury (ASIA A) older than few years, with no sensory or locomotor function bellow injury level. Everything is carefully categorized and followed by independent observers to exclude any mistake.
Phase I and II to show safety of this procedure are almost finished and data collection is in progress and will be officially published by the end of this year when phase III will start with more than 200 participants to show efficiancy of this tratment.

Unofficially, trial in first 2 safety phases shows not only that is very safe so far but some of patients shows great functional loco-motor and sensory improvement and some of them even start to walk again!
Officially, results need to be checked and compared once again before release in few months from now.

Dr. Wise Young within organized network planning to create as many trials (related to SCI) as possible.  There are already preparations in process related ti higher cervical injuries, incomplete injuries, use of “Muse” cells and Cethrin, lower lumbar injuries, use of enzyme Ch’ase ( chondroitinase) etc. This all made possible thanks to the Trial & Network  “plasticity” and ability to adapt to the newest results or movement in the field.

This whole project is subsidized by private donations and fundraising s of families and friends and there is no government or big pharmaceutical company behind this trial. 
However, working on larger scale with more people to be involved in the trial with limited resources, virtually on 3 continents, team of this brave Doctor Young face troubles with possible very important Phase III delay or even more dangerous cease of the whole trial. Amount of 16 Million dollars need to be raised within few months to help Phase III of the ongoing trial is going to happen!

Please, find a way to donate and help to find a cure for people devasteted with Spinal Cord Injury.

Here is link :

more about trial

Thank you!



ImageDr. Wise Young virtually dedicated his life to find a way to rehabiltate broken / non-functioning spinal cord. This highly energetic & dedicated scientist and humanist is Professor & Director of W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience @ Rutgers, State University of New Jersey.

More than decade ago he has established online community for people with Spinal Cord Injury – Care & Cure Forum – where unselfishly explain the finest details of his work and answer to all members questions related to his research and work and also answers to private question related to personal issues with injuries. Care & Cure Forum became International Online community for people with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) and their families as well as for Nurses and Doctors. Connections & valuable information posted there save many people suffering from various disalignments related to SCI.
Since 2006 Dr. Young and his team were working to organize China and USA SciNet network. 
Dr. Wise Young’s personal connections with the most advanced Univerisities and Hospitals in China helped a lot creating extremely important medical bridge that will enable one of the first massive Human trials for people with SCI in China and USA.

Here is link also to answers by Dr. Wise Young to my suggestions & questions related to this topic posted Care & Cure Forum.


3 thoughts on “Bridge over troubled water

  1. Dr. Wise’s comment about trial posted on CC:

    We have a unique situation in humans where we can transplant HLA-matchable umbilical cord blood cells. Human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells have been transplanted into people for over 3 decades, with little or no evidence of carcinogenicity. We know that the cells produce neurotrophins that stimulate regeneration of the spinal cord. We also know from animal studies that lithium stimulates neural stem cells to grow and also stimulates regeneration of the spinal cord. Therefore, we carried out phase 1 and 2 trials to establish the safety and feasibility of transplanting human mononuclear cells into the spinal cord of people with chronic spinal cord injury.

    If the trial shows that that human umbilical cord blood cells are not beneficial, we will say so and recommend against this therapy for chronic spinal cord injury. If the trial shows that umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells improve functional recovery, it would be the first therapy to do so in chronic spinal cord injury. Both umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells and lithium are safe tehrapies. Now, based on what we are now seeing in phase II trials, we have decided that we want to go ahead to do phase III trials.

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