Spring 2017 SCI News

This is the Digest of newest discoveries and movement in Spinal Cord Injury Therapy and Recovery field.

Man with SCI (complete para) walks with no robotic suite – only with brain / leg interface. also thanks to Bluetooth…

University of Edmonton team figure out huge OXYGEN role in recovery
http://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/university-of-alberta-discovery-offers-promise-of-new-therapies-for-spinal-cord-injuries and also this link

Dr. Shi and his team discover that old drug Dimercaprol can disolve poison Acrolein formed in our nerves after SCI. Only on animals for now…

Go Canada Go!!! Canadian team with Jan-Eric Ahlfors with his autologus stem cell project and Krembil Neuroscience Center with Dr. Fehlings and other masters of Neuroscience
coming up together with Fortuna Fix promise to move things faster toward SCI CURE!

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