LaPradera Rehab Clinic @ Havana, Cuba

I have spent 4 weeks in Havana, Cuba in March 2018 attending Intensive Physio Rehabilitation program. In LaPradera clinic 20 km west of Havana they have excellent
equipped Medical Resort center with highly trained & professional and friendly personal and my stay there was very successful.

First part of program is comprehensive medical exam. After this exam doctors will propose workout and rehabilitation program.
They have well equipped gym and cabinets for Occupational therapies,
Electro-stimulation, Hydro-therapies, Locomat and Massage cabinet.
Nurses on site are trained and highly professional.
Physio-therapists very knowledgeable and friendly!
Rooms are clean, accessible with modern hospital bed, TV and air-condition.
There are some drawbacks as well.
Food in their clean Restaurant is good, not well seasoned IMO, but repetitive.
Internet access is only on certain spots in resorts where you have to use purchased cards (1 hour = 1$);
The worst thing with LaPradera is extremely
high price of their service.
4 weeks there cost me CDN $ 7,800 + Airfare ($ 600);
Therapy would be definitely more effective if I had a chance to work hard there 3-4 or even 5 months but no budget for this venture.

I can still say my visit was successful! I met some very nice people, made friends with some and save myself for month from cold Canadian winter.If anyone need more details, please contact me with an email.
Tip hard working Cuban people whenever you can and you will get better service. Don’t miss to see Tropicana Cabaret show while you in Havana.