Fantastic progress – 2018 summer-y

Sudenly, this 2018 summer, we have flood of crazy good lab results and confirmed neural regeneration (injured spinal cord and brain) using different methods and approaches. There is scope of few last months here.

The most recent finding is from Dr. Blackmore Lab.
His team figured out how to push cells in damaged spinal cord to regenreate on molecular level:


Also, Dr. Silvers peptides are coming closer to human trial after NerveGen Pharma secured financing for this research.


Personally I was very excited to see discovery of compound CLP290 which enable preserved but inactive neural pathways in damaged spinal cord to start to transfer signals from brain to the body, signals that can be than easily retrained with repetitive exercises supported with trans-cranial electrical stim in plasticity process of recovery & rehab.


Than we see 3D printed Implant for damaged / cut-off spinal cord


There is also San Diego team Spinal cord neural stem cells created from human pluripotent stem cells research.


All for natural – Australian team find out that some local bush contain extract which help with stem cells regeneration:

Also scientists from UCLA figured out how to use magnets stimulation to recover bladder functio for some spinal cord injured patients.

Growth Cocktail Helps Restore Spinal Connections in the Most Severe Injuries

UCLA Scientists figure out how to virus deliver & genetically return clock of scar tissue making it to sprout & regrow nerves net and rewire spinal cord again.

After all we are also waiting for Dr. Ahlfors restore therapy which is in brewing process, Dr. Wise USA trial for stem cells in preparation and BioArctic, Scandinavian trial in progress, things never looks so promising for devastating condition of SCI.


We need another 5 years, I guess, to see mass application for any of above.
In the most cases bureaucratic regulations and monetization process are making things move slower than our broken bodies will be able to endure.
But again …in 5 years, or maybe sooner… lucky ones (hope to be…) will feel that miracle of walk again!
in the meantime…



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