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Human body makes intentional blocks to damaged nerves in our Spinal Cord to heal and grow back together.
Dr. Strittmatter from Yale have figured out how to reverse that “block” as natural body response and make nerves grows back together.
Lets see … when you cut or damage nerve in any other part of your body, that nerve will grow back together again… right!? Few months and you are ok…

But… that’s not the case if you have cut or damage nerves in major transmission cable going down within our spine transferring body internet  from brain to our muscles.
Even small damage in that finger thick gooey cord block communication and we stays paralyzed!
Body is intentionally making some protein inhibitors (Nogo-A, MAG and OMgp) that prevent damaged nerves in spinal cord and brain to joint again.
Why ?
No one knows ….is that bad design….survival of species … who cares!!!!

Just for the record – humans are not unique with this trouble! All rats, tigers, monkeys, horses and elephants are sharing the same luck with us after spine injury. Only Zebra fishes and Salamanders “knows” how to recover back…..

Dr. Strittmatter after decades of research has figured out how to prevent those inhibitors, kind of LeBron smash block those natural NoGo nerve growth blockers – and .. VOILA !!!!!   Nerves start to grows back together and happy rats are running again….
Wait…. this story has better outcome than “another 5 years”…

HUMAN TRIALS for cervical CHRONICALLY injured Spinal Cord patient are going to test this therapy (Intrathecal applied) late this 2018 or beginning of 2019 !!

They already got funding and all is in rolling process!

Good Luck to us!!!

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