Power of Rehab

Desert-Reflection   In recent Interview Dr. Wise Young is sharing some findings regarding cell transplant trials and Rehab Importance regardless of age and years after injury.

Some excerpts from Interview with |September 3rd, 2019 from New Mobility Magazine:

     Animal studies have shown for a long time that spontaneous regeneration occurs in the spinal cord and that transplanted cells can improve the regeneration, but the regenerated axons are very unlikely to make exactly the same connections. Training is necessary for the brain to learn to interpret sensory signals and how to use the new connections

     We’re not talking about miracles here. Recovery in spinal cord injury can be helped by certain therapies and requires a huge commitment on the part of the people with SCI and their families to do the locomotor exercise, which is the most intensive exercise they’ll ever have. To take somebody who’s 20 years after spinal cord injury and expect them to walk without intensive training, that’s expecting a miracle to happen.

     One aspect of the studies was really unexpected — age and time after injury did not seem to make a difference. People that were in their 50s and 20 years after injury recovered as much and as well as those who were in their 20s and two years after injury

Read the full Interview here:
Without rehab no recovery of functions is possible.

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