How to get up and walk again!?  Welcome to my Mission ImPossible!!!
Against odds and medical science, after 15 years in wheelchair,
quad with broken neck… planning to get up and walk again.
I am not giving up! After years of listening of my own broken body,
after so many Physio Rehab template therapies and finally, deep research of the field and
all available possibilities… I HAVE A PLAN for successful therapy!!!

My plan is simple! I want to dedicate six months of heavy workout that includes
of 3-4 hours daily weight support walking physio-therapy based on programmed
neuro-muscular stim (Sigma Parastep);
To fortify my walking therapy, I will also use novel medicine:
4AP-3-MeOH – potassium channel blocker to enhance my weak neuro-signals. Read More about my Future Therapy

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