My Involvement in Software world begins in 1998 when I was exploring ways how to promote our small business In that time was very popular B2B (business to business) communication “movement” and I had an Idea how to find potential prospects and make them highly customized offer of our label & nameplate product.

In nineties we didn’t see much email spam and Idea of contacting prospects by the email seems to be noble way of Business to Business communication.

I have found very talented software programmer, Zia from Bangladesh and we have started an online collaboration to develop Software “B2B Activator” .
B2B-AR (2)
That was very complex program with several great working modules but unstable and heavy for weak machines & processors in the end of the last century so after few versions we have decided to abandon this project and move toward simple, more commercial promising, automated “Visual Search Robot” software, derived from B2B Activator search module.

Answ3R had great reviews and was accepted and downloaded by more than 120.000 users in short period of time and we just start to get more Interest and chances to get Investors for this project when big Dot-com bubble burst happened in 2000 and investors did not want even to spend a cent for new software development projects.
Zia keep going as Independent programmer with his website selling his own software’s and I have returned to
After my neck injury in 2003, I was far far away from any thinking about software development but just recently start again to work on Idea about voting / opinion software named Instant Democracy Project.