Bracelets for Walk

From now on, less stories about re-walking rats, folks…
now HUMANS are in the first row !!!!

First serious Human Trial to fix broken Spinal Cord is
happening right now!!!

Under careful coordination of  Dr. Wise Young and his team,
trials are started in China and will be also held in USA and some other countries.
To help this trial, mostly financed from  donations,  you can go to the website 
where you can donate for this noble cause.

There is group of volunteers that have organized campaign of selling SCI Trial Bracelets.
Money goes to the fund for SCINetUSA for this human trial.
For $ 5.00 + $ 1.00 Mail cost you should get Bracelet and flyer with explanation.
Bracelets you can buy here:

(see bellow)



Concept Wheelchairs

Innovative Wheel Chair Leeding E.D.G.E


Enables User Roam Around Even In A Standing Position The Leeding e.d.g.e is an innovative, fresh, manual standing wheelchair, aimed at taking the stale aesthetics of wheelchair design forward.

The chair allows the user many personalisation options, to ensure that their chair, like your shoes or your car,becomes an outward expression of their personality. As well as this, the chair features easy drive handles, with different gearing options to promote accessibility and combat shoulder injury, caused by the traditional wheeling technique.
These handles can also be used to elevate the user in seconds, alleviating pressure sores, increasing reach capabilities  and closing social boundaries which inhibit the lives of the disabled day to day.









Designer : Tim Leeding


Pegasus WheelChair Concept

I really do hope Pegasus wheelchair is going to be mass produced,
it will help a lot of disabled peoplemoving efficiently. Compared to


manually operated wheelchairs, pegasus is trying to
break the image of the old wheelchair by combining
electric drive motor with gyroscopic sensors to help the
driver to move not just forward and
backward but also in an upright position.

The problem left would be the balance issue, since this is still a concept,
there is no detailed description on how this Pegasus wheelchair will handle that.


Transformable Wheelchair Concept by Caspar Schmitz

If you know some one who is using a wheelchair for survival then this product is for them.

This wheelchair is made of an elastic as well as strong plastic, for example Polyurethane.

The vehicle becomes adapted to contact face and the center of gravity to the situation.

Through vertical pressure on the handle bar the round wheel converts to ellipsoid.
As a result of which steps and barriers can be taken care of easily. It is a great invention of the wheelchair.

This transformable wheel will surely abolish lots of barriers and assist disabled people to carry on their life easily.


Already in use – Toyota i-Real Concept and Toyota Future Mobility