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It is becoming more evident that incomplete Spinal Cord Injured patients can actually recover many functions by re-igniting existing, preserved but “slow” nerves and weak muscles and generally, to improve, in lot of cases significantly after building neuro-pattern by continuous, persistent and programmed walking training.
There is also many examples how electrical neuro-muscular stimulation in functional manner can speed up this process.

In short – My therapy program that will make it happens is based on weight support walking therapy with  FES* (Functional Electric Stimulation) 4 to 5 times per week through the whole 2020 (or at least for 5-8 months)!  As this particular therapy customized for my situation is not really existing in my neighborhood, I am going to make it.

Right now I am attending PACE exercise program with MacWheelers at McMasterUniversity in Hamilton, ON, where in specially designed Gym for mobile impaired people I am attending assisted weight support walking therapy 2 times per week.
So far, just 2 walks per week (40 minutes per walk) since September 2019 shows up great improvement in my ability to push, step, also my balance improved, metabolism etc.

Now, to start implementing my customized therapy I have to increase number of walks per week and to add FES – Functional Electric Stimulation.
Parastep system from  is only commercially available walking FES system I am aware of. I I have already tested Parastep and I am planning to use it for my walking FES therapy.  Parastep  price is close to CDN $ 20,000.Parastep
I would also need to use over ground (not treadmill based) weight support system.
If I can not use existing track based system as ZeroG, for example I can use LiteGait 330 4Home, the least expensive weight support system appropriate for my weight & height and for therapy requirements. LiteGait 330 4Home
LiteGait 330 4Home can be purchased with shipping & taxes up to $ 8,000.
If one buy Parastep system and Weight support apparatus minimum $ 28,000 for both devices need to be cashed out.
Also, to pay hours and hours of physiotherapies and helpers  through period of 5-8 months of intensive physio with this customized program, it is going to cost way more than equipment itself.
Total cost with equipment and 5-8 months of therapy can run from $ 60,000 to $ 80,000.
To put this kind of money together in the next few months, realistically I would need to run very successful fundraising operation or to find interested party that would develop this novel kind of therapy using me as testing subject.
Parastep FES walking system can be improved for quick application with programmable garment.body-suit
I am very excited this therapeutic combo might be available soon thanks to the great vision of people from and .
Now, If people from my Pace program decide to test out this Parastep therapy  along with programmable garment addition on existing ZeroG / weight support system in MacWheelers gym it might be great chances to succeed with this new therapy without breaking the bank.

New Walking Therapy

People with Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)  can restore walking but only if they actually try to walk again.
To begin this process, they need to use special support devices to enable proper walking technique in order to put their body through repetitive walking therapy rounds.

Majority of SCI individuals need “Gait training”, this is based on a body weight support machine. Treadmill and harness system are also part of this package.

There are several phases and modes of how walking can be done. This is based on the person’s capabilities to initiate stepping.

For many, robot walkers as Locomat
and THERA-Trainer lyra or REHA G-EO system are necessary for beginning of this process.

Assistive walking with weight support – Click to see short Videoassisted-walk-01

Some of us that can slightly initiate stepping but lacking intensity and control of movement and need Manual assistance of 2 “walkers” to move legs in rhythmic stepping pattern on treadmill. With this exercise stepping pattern is improving tremendously!

Another progressive step is the application of Functional neuro-muscular FES stimulation (with or without a weight support) walking training . This type of system is known as Parastep- which was invented around a quarter century ago, and is highly underrated as a therapy tool for Incomplete SCI patients.comad-parastep
The way how Parastep works is simple –  when patient try to move the right leg as at the same time press right button on the walker. Small wearable computer send tiny electric stim through 6 over skin attached electrodes on each leg in programmed sequence. This stimulation generate muscle contraction exactly in order to make stepping motion with right leg. At the same time, muscles on the left leg receive signal to straight up and hold body weight on that side.
System Parastep is available from Sigmedics. Parastep is in use by many clinics in the USA. It can be used with and without weight support system that is sold separately.
Parastep, Walking FES as Therapeutic device would be more effective and much faster in application if improved with programmable FES garment.
I am currently working to make this improvement possible by connecting
some parties of interest here.

Maybe the most important conclusion is that no walking therapy for SCI patients can be effective if is not performed in certain (1)frequency, (2)duration and (3)continuance with at least  3-4 trainings per week for 4-6 months!
Walking therapy is the only way to strengthen weak or to awake unused neuro-circuits and build (again) pattern based neural behavior that would further support patient walking rehabilitation.
Body-Mind connection, as patient need to highly focus on stepping and pushing, is also crucial element for faster rebuilding of walking neural pattern.
On the other side, failing to perform certain number of repetitions will prevent body to rebuild that neurological pattern.
With above exercises, patients improve very slowly and lose it in no time if stop exercising. This is known as Yo-Yo therapy effect.
Next level of walking exercises has more modalities and different devices that can support patient.

Some people that still need help with stepping might get assistance by robotic devices (Keeogo or Hal or any other full or partial Exoskeleton devices);

Walking therapy is so effective according to Special Hospital for Spinal Cord Injuries in Kunming in China. After decades of experience Specialists in Kunming Chine claim that their method : Continuous walking over ground with high walker and no body weight support in length:  6 hours per day, 6 days per week and 6 months based on “tight rope walking” method – apparently is helping many SCI patients to recover to independent living and walking.
Dr-Wise-Kunming-rope-walkDr. Wise explain this walking technique on above photo

All above statements, photos and videos from Assisted Gait walking and Parastep use are my own experience and can be repeated and proven.
My own therapies and great progress of stepping initiations shown on 2 session by 1 hour per week of Assisted Gait walking therapy @ MacWheelers Gym  is unfortunately stalled as it is constantly hanging on yoyo thread with no chance to raise to the next level which would require increased frequency & intensity and eventually to move to FES walking  (Parastep) training.
December, 2019


Power of Rehab

Desert-Reflection   In recent Interview Dr. Wise Young is sharing some findings regarding cell transplant trials and Rehab Importance regardless of age and years after injury.

Some excerpts from Interview with |September 3rd, 2019 from New Mobility Magazine:

     Animal studies have shown for a long time that spontaneous regeneration occurs in the spinal cord and that transplanted cells can improve the regeneration, but the regenerated axons are very unlikely to make exactly the same connections. Training is necessary for the brain to learn to interpret sensory signals and how to use the new connections

     We’re not talking about miracles here. Recovery in spinal cord injury can be helped by certain therapies and requires a huge commitment on the part of the people with SCI and their families to do the locomotor exercise, which is the most intensive exercise they’ll ever have. To take somebody who’s 20 years after spinal cord injury and expect them to walk without intensive training, that’s expecting a miracle to happen.

     One aspect of the studies was really unexpected — age and time after injury did not seem to make a difference. People that were in their 50s and 20 years after injury recovered as much and as well as those who were in their 20s and two years after injury

Read the full Interview here:
Without rehab no recovery of functions is possible.

Body Language – Reversed with NoGo Trap


Human body makes intentional blocks to damaged nerves in our Spinal Cord to heal and grow back together.
Dr. Strittmatter from Yale have figured out how to reverse that “block” as natural body response and make nerves grows back together.
Lets see … when you cut or damage nerve in any other part of your body, that nerve will grow back together again… right!? Few months and you are ok…

But… that’s not the case if you have cut or damage nerves in major transmission cable going down within our spine transferring body internet  from brain to our muscles.
Even small damage in that finger thick gooey cord block communication and we stays paralyzed!
Body is intentionally making some protein inhibitors (Nogo-A, MAG and OMgp) that prevent damaged nerves in spinal cord and brain to joint again.
Why ?
No one knows ….is that bad design….survival of species … who cares!!!!

Just for the record – humans are not unique with this trouble! All rats, tigers, monkeys, horses and elephants are sharing the same luck with us after spine injury. Only Zebra fishes and Salamanders “knows” how to recover back…..

Dr. Strittmatter after decades of research has figured out how to prevent those inhibitors, kind of LeBron smash block those natural NoGo nerve growth blockers – and .. VOILA !!!!!   Nerves start to grows back together and happy rats are running again….
Wait…. this story has better outcome than “another 5 years”…

HUMAN TRIALS for cervical CHRONICALLY injured Spinal Cord patient are going to test this therapy (Intrathecal applied) late this 2018 or beginning of 2019 !!

They already got funding and all is in rolling process!

Good Luck to us!!!

see more here




Fantastic progress – 2018 summer-y

Sudenly, this 2018 summer, we have flood of crazy good lab results and confirmed neural regeneration (injured spinal cord and brain) using different methods and approaches. There is scope of few last months here.

The most recent finding is from Dr. Blackmore Lab.
His team figured out how to push cells in damaged spinal cord to regenreate on molecular level:


Also, Dr. Silvers peptides are coming closer to human trial after NerveGen Pharma secured financing for this research.


Personally I was very excited to see discovery of compound CLP290 which enable preserved but inactive neural pathways in damaged spinal cord to start to transfer signals from brain to the body, signals that can be than easily retrained with repetitive exercises supported with trans-cranial electrical stim in plasticity process of recovery & rehab.


Than we see 3D printed Implant for damaged / cut-off spinal cord


There is also San Diego team Spinal cord neural stem cells created from human pluripotent stem cells research.


All for natural – Australian team find out that some local bush contain extract which help with stem cells regeneration:

Also scientists from UCLA figured out how to use magnets stimulation to recover bladder functio for some spinal cord injured patients.

Growth Cocktail Helps Restore Spinal Connections in the Most Severe Injuries

UCLA Scientists figure out how to virus deliver & genetically return clock of scar tissue making it to sprout & regrow nerves net and rewire spinal cord again.

After all we are also waiting for Dr. Ahlfors restore therapy which is in brewing process, Dr. Wise USA trial for stem cells in preparation and BioArctic, Scandinavian trial in progress, things never looks so promising for devastating condition of SCI.


We need another 5 years, I guess, to see mass application for any of above.
In the most cases bureaucratic regulations and monetization process are making things move slower than our broken bodies will be able to endure.
But again …in 5 years, or maybe sooner… lucky ones (hope to be…) will feel that miracle of walk again!
in the meantime…



LaPradera Rehab Clinic @ Havana, Cuba

I have spent 4 weeks in Havana, Cuba in March 2018 attending Intensive Physio Rehabilitation program. In LaPradera clinic 20 km west of Havana they have excellent
equipped Medical Resort center with highly trained & professional and friendly personal and my stay there was very successful.

First part of program is comprehensive medical exam. After this exam doctors will propose workout and rehabilitation program.
They have well equipped gym and cabinets for Occupational therapies,
Electro-stimulation, Hydro-therapies, Locomat and Massage cabinet.
Nurses on site are trained and highly professional.
Physio-therapists very knowledgeable and friendly!
Rooms are clean, accessible with modern hospital bed, TV and air-condition.
There are some drawbacks as well.
Food in their clean Restaurant is good, not well seasoned IMO, but repetitive.
Internet access is only on certain spots in resorts where you have to use purchased cards (1 hour = 1$);
The worst thing with LaPradera is extremely
high price of their service.
4 weeks there cost me CDN $ 7,800 + Airfare ($ 600);
Therapy would be definitely more effective if I had a chance to work hard there 3-4 or even 5 months but no budget for this venture.

I can still say my visit was successful! I met some very nice people, made friends with some and save myself for month from cold Canadian winter.If anyone need more details, please contact me with an email.
Tip hard working Cuban people whenever you can and you will get better service. Don’t miss to see Tropicana Cabaret show while you in Havana.

Fortuna Fix

Scientists figure out how to re-program  patient skin stem cells into neural stem cells…
Fortuna Fix is working on two regenerative medicine solutions :
Proprietary technology platform drNPC based on direct reprogramming of somatic cells to neural precursor cells.
Regeneration Matrix (RMx) based on a proprietary technology platform for the production of regenerative implants.

NoGo Trap

            CHEMICAL WAR AGAINST SCI or New pharma approach to repair broken SCI are on the horizon

How about chasing   ACROLEIN SCAVENGER, Aiming 14-3-3 – Target and setting up NoGo Trap.  Sounds like some new space war strategy. And they are actually part of the same troops intending to attack our mutual enemy.

After the story about Acrolein Scavenger in form of drug Dimercaprol  and story about Fungus produced molecule Fusicoccin-A 14-3-3  in the beginning of this year, we can read these days about another pharmacology approach that might help people with Spinal Cord Injury.

There is now NoGo Trap – pharmacology procedure that will allow broken nerves in damaged Spinal Cord to grow back together.

NoGo Trap – neuro-restorative Nogo Receptor platform technology discovered by Stephen Strittmatter, M.D., Ph.D., at Yale University and founder and scientific advisor to ReNetX. Human trial should be ready by the end of 2018. Read more here. or hereneurons-33