How to help ongoing Human trial to Cure Spinal Cord Injury!

Human Trials are on the way and need our full support!
(about Dr. Wise Young very promising Umbilical cord blood stem cells trial, 
please read in my previous post below)

Here is how I can help!
Our small family business, dedicated to commercial print on metal & creation of nameplates & signage, has some unique promo products that I have adjusted for the purpose of  fundraising campaign for “Just-a-dollar-please” and SCINet Network.

Full color (CMYK) printed on .025 Aluminum,
Metal Bookmarks, Metal Fridge Magnets
and even Metal Pictures are NOW ready for sales and distribution.

Metal Bookmarks and Metal magnets are ready for additional “Super”  customization with “Support by” line where Organizations, Companies, Schools, Colleges, Libraries, even Families will be able to insert their message or Logo for FREE!
More about this, see on My metal stuff page.

There is How YOU can help

Anyone who want to buy Metal Magnets and Metal Bookmarks
with any CUSTOM FREE Logo or message can contact me and we can make your CUSTOM & UNIQUE Fundraising contribution.
They can be purchased in group of 40 for $ 100. 00
or $ 2.50 ea (as a standard template or customized!)

Half of this amount ($50 ) to be sent as donation From You to  &

Individual Metal Bookmarks and Magnets with standard
or logo with no further customization you would be able to get it from  soon.