Trip to Bosnia & Hercegovina

My Blog was unattended for quite some time as I have spent last 2 months in Rehab Clinic & Welness centre “Reumal” in Fojnica and some time in Mostar, my birthplace 150 km south.
I had some great time and good round of custom 1:1 physio therapies & exercises.
I can highly recommend this clinic as capable,friendly & the best bang for the buck !!!
Price per day – staying in 2 bed bedroom with all meals, all medical & other help + 5 round of custom crafted exercises / physio therapies is  only US $ 50 or US $ 1500 per month (6 working days per week) !!!
Their physio therapists have experience in working with spinal cord injuries and other mobility disorders and I can only say the best about level of physio therapies I have received there!
They don’t have the latest equipment, true, but Individual exercises  makes my core, back and abdominal muscles much stronger that enable me to sit normally with my back rest in 90 degree – that was impossible for me before after all “machine” exercises in Canada.
I was also working on standing and stability but my body, 12 years after my neck (C-6 Incomplete) injury would need more time than 45 working days spent there to show any significant improvement.  I met people there with approximate same diagnose / injury level as mine, after working out very hard all 12 months – to be lucky to walk out with crouches with good standing & balance ability regained.
Ampyra test
Their knowledgeable Doctors and Nurses and other helping personal backed with clinical Lab’s (Urology Clinic etc) were following me on daily basis and I was confident during the testing of Ampyra (4-AP) for about 3 weeks there. I have no enough time for at least 4-5 weeks testing as I didn’t have enough time. Before I start to take Ampyra my blood pressure was jumping up and down (on daily basis) so doctor didn’t recomend me to start taking Ampyra before pressure stabilized.
All I can say that I have extremely strong spasms taking this drug for 3 weeks when I had to stop to take them as I finish.
I had a feeling if I prepare little bit more, loosing some weight and create better environment with more walking exercises that drug would kick my legs in good direction after few months….possibly using together with something to lead my steps as FES directed / suspension walk  “Parastep” system (I have tested in clinic in Cincinnati, OH).

Food and other things
Food is fantastic! For barely $ 3.00 you can get the most tasty pizza baked in burning wood oven all with local ingredients. For about same money you can get amazing Ćevapi (small sausages in pita bread – Lepina) baked on charcoal grill. In the hospital restaurant you have choice of 3-4 daily different and tasty meal’s. They will bring your food in the room if you want!
Btw, I was traveling alone from Toronto to Vienna  and then to Sarajevo (airport in Sarajevo is 1 hour 15 min. from clinic) and after all, I had no troubles at all …
While in Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) I had an excellent time and overall the trip was complete success.
Here you can find some Links to Promo Clips about  Fojnica and Mostar:
Playlist with several Video Clips on Youtube
Notes: Yes, they have a decent, free Wi-Fi all over the place and personal will always try to help you and try to communicate using English language. It is also smart to accept that Bosnia & Herzegovina still developing toward some Western standards and surprises can be educational and funny for all.
Overall, relax and happy environment prevail in Fojnica!!!