3rd-line-pinecliff-oakville-october-2016My name is Želimir (Zel) Komadina. This is my Blog that suppose to promote awareness about Spinal Cord Injury. Here are some details about me.  I was born 1963 in beautiful city of Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina where I have finished high school. In capital of Bosnia, Sarajevo, I got my degree of Bachelor of Journalism @ University of Sarajevo. There, I met the love of my life,  Nela, also student of Journalism.We have started our life in city of Mostar. There I was working in local newspaper and freelancer for few magazines trying to build, what later appears to be, short newspaper Reporter carrier. After few very hard years and few family tragedies, with terrible demon of war approaching, we had decided to move to Canada where we arrived in April 1992 just month before the war errupted in Bosnia & Herzegovina.In Canada we had settled in city of Brampton and in 2008 we have moved to Oakville Ontario (cities @ outskirts of Toronto). My son Victor was born 1994 and Laura was born 1997.
Late 1996, after my lower back injury as a truck driver,   I have started our small business based on print on metal,  BrassName.com (sign & label production & distribution company).
In July 2003 I had suffered Spinal cord injury in waves of Virginia Beach, USA.
Since that time I am fighting to walk again. More about My Fight.
Along with fight to re-gain some functions or to get up and walk again I have never stop providing to my family, working and developing our family business or stop working on other things that fascinates me.
In fact I have lot of interests and hobbies …sometimes feel as broken Swiss knife :).
Based on my interests about print on metal and other work with metal, I was creating series of metal pictures and some of them used for fundraising for SCI search for cure.
I have worked in the past and I am still working on some Software projects and my love for Journalism was replaced with passion for writing poetry and short stories.
Life didn’t stop. I am working every day and driving my Toyota Venza with hand controls on daily basis.
With my beautiful family, we didn’t stop to embrace the life and we were blessed to be able to go to some southern destinations enjoying sun and sea.
Looking forward to family European vacation in 2017.
This project – Blog – MiracleofWalk.com dedicated to awareness of SCI and education was started in 2009.
CONTACT:  komadina@gmail.com
some of my favorite photos below…

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