Miracles are not contrary to Nature

    It is only one part of truth if we say that Man is waiting for Miracle. 
From the other side, Miracle is reaching for us.

For New Year Resolution – Believe in Miracles as they are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature as Great Philosopher, Saint Augustine noted 1600 years ago.


“I know a man who was injured at c5 (neck injury) that regained almost all function after nearly 18 years after injury. 12 years after his injury his hands and remaining arm muscles woke up out of nowhere, 3-4 years after that was his legs. nowadays he barely uses a cane. he works with my mom as a maintenance guy and never met anyone else as hyperactive…”

Post on CareCure.org, Spinal Cord Injury Forum, by member “MOE” , from Montreal.