Walking Cycle Training

Training with MacWheelers in Hamilton.

IDEA behind this project is that even badly damaged or bruised Spinal Cord can recover functions
if body is treated through series of special therapies 
and exercises for certain period of time.



Walking cycle main circuits are in spinal cord
often below injury level and can be restored with
multiple repetitions and with help of additional exercises.



Faculty of Kinesiology of McMaster University students
are helping me to prepare for the session.

With new machine control over suspension and my
pushing ability is controlled and monitored even better.
I need help to move my legs in continuous cycle and


After 25 – 30 minutes of walk I am feeling really tired….

For the last few weeks since my training double up and
I am working on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s evenings,
I have start to feel some connections
and pushing’s / firmness in my legs
never felt before.


I have also increased my “Homework” exercises
with weights & Motomed.

I should report for further improvements soon.